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How Does Wearing a Face Mask Help Slow the Spread

We’re all being asked to wear a face mask when in public places like stores, banks and restaurants, but how does it really help? The main purpose is to prevent breathing out the virus, but it can also help prevent breathing in the virus. Let’s start with breathing out. You can be infected with the […]

Face Masks Made in the USA

As the economy begins to reopen we are all being asked to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. There are several things we need to do – avoid large gatherings, wash your hands often, stay 6 feet apart, and wear face masks when we are out in public. Our face masks, […]

We Now Have Face Masks Made in the USA

Brian the Pekingese now offers face masks made in the USA. We wanted to do something to help slow the spread of the virus, so we decided to make face masks for the entire family. We took the super-soft, 100% organic cotton fabric that we’ve always used in our pajamas, and began making face masks. […]

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