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First Day of School

After having our kids attend classes from home for most of last school year, and a long summer, most of us can’t wait for our kids’ first day of school. They can’t wait either. They miss their friends and teachers. But the little ones might be having a little separation anxiety. One way to alleviate […]

Face Masks for Kids and Adults

Face masks for kids and adults – Just a few short months ago it looked like we were finally finished with masks. But that’s all changed with what is being called the “fourth wave” of COVID-19. So how does this affect your family? First of all, your kids under age 12 are not yet eligible […]

Christmas in July Promotion

In 1940, a Hollywood movie called Christmas in July told the story of a man who thought he’d won a contest in July with a prize of $25,000, which would be about $485,171 in today’s dollars. He goes on a shopping spree buying gifts for family, friends and neighbors. We like the idea of giving […]

Fourth of July Celebrations

Summer’s officially here and It’s almost the Fourth of July. Many 4th of July fireworks shows were cancelled last year due to the pandemic, so we’re all anxiously awaiting this year’s display. But this year there might be some capacity restrictions, again out of caution, due to Covid. So, here are some tips for attending […]

Hello Summer

After a year of being mostly confined to home and nine months of attending school remotely, almost every kid is ready to jump into summer with both feet. And with the economy reopening, which makes so many things available to enjoy that we previously couldn’t, like parks, beaches, sporting events and concerts, all of us […]

Hearts and Butterflies – Our Newest Organic Girls Pajamas

Hearts have long been a symbol of love. Butterflies represent transformation, change and hope. What better themes to inspire organic girls pajamas, we thought, as we were designing our newest prints. Our Heart print organic kids pajamas, features heart shapes in different shades of pink on a white background. The pajama body is contrasted with […]

New Kids T-Shirts Made in the USA

Brian the Pekingese started out several years ago making quality 100% organic cotton children’s pajamas here in the USA. Now we have expanded into other categories. So to continue our mission of offering American made clothing for children, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new product category of kids T-shirts made in the […]

USA Strong Makes Finding Made-in-USA Products an Easy Lift

Recently we were contacted by a wonderful new online shopping platform that only sells made-in-USA products. We thought it was a clever idea considering most of the large online shopping sites have overlooked this niche. But when we looked deeper, we knew that they would be a good partner for Brian the Pekingese. USA Strong […]

We Now Have Matching Family Pajamas

Many families have a holiday tradition of gathering around the fireplace with a cup full of hot cocoa while watching their favorite classic holiday movie, all while wearing matching family pajamas. Over the last few years, many of you have asked us if we have matching family pajamas. We’ve also heard the same request from […]

Halloween During Covid 19

The one day of the year when we all would normally wear a mask will is here. This Halloween will be very different, much like the rest of this year. But you don’t have to let the pandemic spoil your Halloween fun. With a few precautions, you and your family can still have an entertaining […]

How Does Wearing a Face Mask Help Slow the Spread

We’re all being asked to wear a face mask when in public places like stores, banks and restaurants, but how does it really help? The main purpose is to prevent breathing out the virus, but it can also help prevent breathing in the virus. Let’s start with breathing out. You can be infected with the […]

Face Masks Made in the USA

As the economy begins to reopen we are all being asked to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. There are several things we need to do – avoid large gatherings, wash your hands often, stay 6 feet apart, and wear face masks when we are out in public. Our face masks, […]

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