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USA Strong Makes Finding Made-in-USA Products an Easy Lift

Recently we were contacted by a wonderful new online shopping platform that only sells made-in-USA products. We thought it was a clever idea considering most of the large online shopping sites have overlooked this niche. But when we looked deeper, we knew that they would be a good partner for Brian the Pekingese.

USA Strong is the first online marketplace to verify, curate and sell 100% USA-made products. They verify the products are made-in-USA before they agree to list them on their marketplace. USA Strong is in existence to bring trust, transparency and sustainability to the made-in-USA industry. As they put it, “by creating an ecosystem of local representatives, a unique verification process, and engaging through individual social platforms we are fostering trust and sustainability at the local level.”

As we’ve mentioned before, sustainability and locally-made products go hand-in-hand. Products that are made and sold locally don’t have to be shipped halfway across the world on a diesel-engine ship. This significantly reduces C02 emissions. USA Strong supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are pleased to now offer our 100% organic cotton children’s pajamas on the USA Strong marketplace. You can visit our USA Strong store at: https://usastrong.io/pages/seller-profile/brian-the-pekingese

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