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Hello Summer

After a year of being mostly confined to home and nine months of attending school remotely, almost every kid is ready to jump into summer with both feet. And with the economy reopening, which makes so many things available to enjoy that we previously couldn’t, like parks, beaches, sporting events and concerts, all of us are ready for summer.

For the adults, this means filling out endless registration forms, now complete with an extra page of COVID-19 waiver language, for various summer camps, classes and sports activities. It also means chauffeuring our youngsters to and from these assorted activities.

For the little ones this means more video game time, more hanging out with friends, and, of course, staying up a little later at night, and sleeping later in the morning. Our short-sleeve/short pants style of organic kids pajamas are perfect for these warm summer nights. And for a day of play, our short-sleeve 100% cotton graphic t-shirts are perfect. These Brian the Pekingese organic kids pajamas and t-shirts easily pack into suitcases for your summer vacation.

Speaking of vacations, where are you planning to go this summer? We think road trips will reign as the supreme summer vacation, even in spite of sky-high gas prices, as families get a chance to reconnect after a year-long quarantine. National parks and destination cities will also be popular stops along the way. Some families may also opt for international destinations. Wherever you go, be sure to bring Brian the Pekingese along. And have a great summer.

boys and girls wearing summer pajamas with surfboards


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