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Fourth of July Celebrations

Summer’s officially here and It’s almost the Fourth of July. Many 4th of July fireworks shows were cancelled last year due to the pandemic, so we’re all anxiously awaiting this year’s display. But this year there might be some capacity restrictions, again out of caution, due to Covid. So, here are some tips for attending your first fireworks display in a couple of years.

Do an internet search for fireworks displays in your area. Be sure to add “2021” to your search to filter out previous years’ shows. Some shows this year might be drive-in/tailgate events like last year. Other shows will be walk-in. But they may have parking restrictions, and they will all have varying fees and starting times. These are all good questions to clear up with their web site before you go.

Once you decide where to go, the next step is to make a list of what to bring. If it’s a grandstand type of venue you won’t need to bring blankets or folding chairs. Will food and beverages be available, or will you need to bring your own?

And when it’s finally time to attend the evening fireworks show, let your little ones make a grand entrance in their organic kids pajamas with fourth of July star prints. Choose from our short sleeve/short pant pajamas in a red and white star print or a blue and white star print. And the best part – when the show is over, they’re all ready for bed. You can order them here: https://brianthepekingese.com/organic-childrens-products/organic-red-star-pajamas/

boy wearing pajamas with red star fourth of july printgirl wearing pajamas with blue star fourth of July print

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