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Face Masks for Kids and Adults

Face masks for kids and adults – Just a few short months ago it looked like we were finally finished with masks. But that’s all changed with what is being called the “fourth wave” of COVID-19. So how does this affect your family? First of all, your kids under age 12 are not yet eligible for the vaccine, so the CDC has recommended they wear face masks to school this fall. And, as of this writing, 14 states are requiring them. Also, many retail businesses are asking all customers, big and small, to wear face masks upon entering. So it may be time for your family to stock up.

The good news is we have them. Here you can find face masks for kids and adults in multiple colors. Our washable, reusable face masks are made from two plys of 100% organic cotton. Don’t like the scratchy feeling of elastic ear loops? Our face masks have soft, self-binding ear loops made from the same 100% organic cotton. And, our face masks are made right here in the USA.

All of our face masks are in stock and your order will ship within 48 hours. You can order them here: https://brianthepekingese.com/organic-childrens-products/adult-and-kids-reusable-face-mask-made-in-the-usa/

girl wearing grey face maskman wearing face maskwoman wearing face mask

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