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School closes – now what?

As of this writing, 10,600 public and private schools have closed or are scheduled to close. This affects about 4.9 million children. More schools may follow suit. If your school closes, your big question might be, “ who will stay home with my kids?” Some parents are also being sent home and asked to work from home. So they can supervise their children studying at home. Others simply cannot miss work, and their workplace does not have on-site daycare. If you’re in this group, here’s a few suggestions.

Get in touch with the other parents at your children’s school. Use neighborhood apps or get contact information from your school. If any of them work from home, maybe your kids can study at their house. Is there anyone on your block who is retired or who works from home? Perhaps that person can take in a few kids to do their school work while you’re at work. Are there any high school students in you neighborhood that need community service hours? What better way to serve the community?

If all of that fails, talk to your boss. Maybe there’s a way you can bring your kids to work with you. If your coworkers’ school closes, perhaps your boss can arrange a temporary on-site daycare to get the employees through these difficult few weeks.

child doing homework because school closes

Doing schoolwork at home in her comfy pajamas

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