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You caught the leprechaun. Now what?

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and that means the leprechauns are coming. Last year we gave you some tips on how to catch this mischievous little creature. In case you missed it, here’s the link: https://brianthepekingese.com/2018/how-to-catch-a-leprechaun-organic-kids-pajamas/ If you didn’t catch the leprechaun last year and you’re ready to try again, have you thought about what you’d do if you caught him? And why would you want to catch him in the first place. Read on for answers to these questions and more.

First of all, you must remember leprechauns are small and fragile. You must handle them with care. But don’t be too careful, leprechauns often try to escape. You should feed your Leprechaun some nuts and mushrooms, and a nice hot cup of dandelion tea. This will help put him in a good mood for what’s next.

According to legend, leprechauns are required to grant you three wishes when you capture them. But you must be careful, when asking for your wishes. They are clever and will try to trick you. And no, for your first wish, you can’t ask for three more wishes. Once you get your wishes, you must let your leprechaun go. Again, these little guys are tricksters. Be sure to verify your wishes have been granted before your let him go.

To let him go, simply open the front door and let him run out. As a mythical little fairy, he will always fly away to his home in Ireland. Be sure to say goodbye. Because he is smart and learns fast, he’ll never return again to a place where he was captured.

leprechaun-organic kids pajamas

Leprechauns are happy little creatures. But they can also be quite tricky.

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