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School Drop-off and Pick-up – Surviving the First Week

Is it just us or did summer fly by in just a few weeks. But now that it’s almost over, if you’re like us, you’re celebrating. That’s because the kids are going back to school. For those of you who drive your kids to school, this means navigating the first week of drop-off and pick-up, and all the wacky drivers that come with it.

Police officers have the job of ensuring we all drive safely by issuing citations to those of us who don’t. And the school route during the first week is a target-rich environment. To avoid becoming one of these targets, just follow all the rules – with an emphasis on the word “all”. For example, put your phone down. We’ve seen motorcycle cops ride slowly down the lane looking through car windows for drivers who are holding their phones.

Also, don’t think you can break a traffic rule right in front of an officer who is in the process of writing a ticket to another car. In our neighborhood, the cop will yell at you and point for you to pull over to wait for your turn. Most importantly, be patient. It seems to only take about a week of seeing cops writing tickets until we all get the message and become safe drivers in the school zone.

And for those who don’t get the message about driving safely in a school zone, here’s a few states that offer the harshest penalties. According to wallethub.com, the five strictest states for speeding, in order, are: Delaware, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and California. If you ranked all 50 states in terms of reckless penalties, Delaware comes in first. Colorado places second, with California placing fourth. Arizona and New Mexico are tied for seventh place. The state of Oregon is just below these top 5, coming in 6th overall and ranking 6th in reckless penalties.

First week of school drop-off and pick up

Surviving the first week of school drop-off and pick up

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