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Fourth of July Celebrations

Summer’s officially here and It’s almost the Fourth of July. You’ve probably been so busy you haven’t had time to think about how your family will celebrate, Well, don’t despair because Brian the Pekingese is here to help.

You might want to consider organizing a block party. All it takes is a couple of folding tables set up on the sidewalk and a dish brought by each neighbor. A water-balloon fight can provide good entertainment for the kids.

Or why not celebrate America’s birthday with its pastime: baseball. Most major league games played on the 4th also feature a fireworks show after the game. Check your local stadium for schedules and times.

A picnic in the park or at the beach is also a fun family fourth of July activity. Build family traditions by packing your family’s favorite summer picnic food, such as watermelon or corn on the cob. Be sure to bring a ball or frisbee to toss around.

And when it’s time to attend the evening fireworks show, let your little ones make a grand entrance in their organic summer pajamas with fourth of july star prints. Choose from our short sleeve/short pant pajamas in a red and white star print or a blue and white star print. And the best part – when the show is over, they’re all ready for bed.

organic 4th of July pajamas

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Organic summer pajamas – red star print

Red Star summer organic kids pajamas

Organic 4th of July Pajamas

Blue Star summer organic kids pajamas


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