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New York City Pekingese – Brian Goes to the Big Apple

This past summer Brian the Pekingese went with his family on a trip to New York City. While traveling on the plane, Brian thought about the stories his mom would tell him about this colossal city. She used to travel there often for her work. He thought about the images of New York he’d seen in many pictures and movies. He was excited to finally see the city in person – or in dog, to be precise.

The first place he visited was the Empire State Building. He and his family entered a special elevator that whisked them up to the 86th floor in just minutes. The elevator opened to a room filled with photos and information on the construction of the famous building. Brian learned that the 102-story building was built in only one year! Next they walked out onto the observation deck. This is where he met his new friend Vanessa, a hostess for the observation deck. She’s so lucky to work in a place with the best view of the city.

The next place Brian and his family went was the Statue of Liberty. The statue is on a small island in New York harbor. So you have to take a ferry to get there. The ferry boat was much bigger than Brian’s vintage Chris-Craft. Once on the island, Brian enjoyed walking around the grand statue with his family.

Brian also visited a place that is every dog’s dream come true – Central Park. He said hello to all the dogs, squirrels and horses in the park. Then they visited Times Square. Brian thought it would so cool if one day he could see his picture on the big screen and on the tops of the yellow cabs whizzing by. Brian and his family visited many other interesting places. When he returned home, he couldn’t wait to tell his friends about his latest adventure.

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Brian the Pekingese Waiting to Board His Flight


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Brian in Lobby of the Empire State Building


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Brian enjoying the incredible view from the Empire State Building


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Brian with his new friend at the Empire State Building


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Brian at the Statue of Liberty


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