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How to Catch a Leprechaun


DIY Leprechaun Trap.

It happens every year. On the eve of St. Patrick’s day, the silly leprechaun visits our house and leaves behind a mess. We wake up on St. Patrick’s Day morning to the usual shenanigans of green glitter all over the floors, paper shamrocks taped to the walls and green food coloring in the toilets

So this year we decided to catch him. But how? We needed a leprechaun trap. First we decorated a cardboard box by wrapping it with green construction paper and drawing rainbows on it. Then we placed the box upside down on the floor and propped up one side of it with a stick. We tied one end of a string to the stick, and tied the other end of the string to a stack of gold coins because, as everyone knows, leprechauns love gold. We placed the stack of gold coins in the middle of the box. When the leprechaun tried to take the coins, the stick would fall, causing the box to trap him. Off to bed we went with anticipation.

The next morning we awoke and went downstairs to inspect the box. We were so excited to see that the stick had fallen, and the box was no longer propped up. We carefully lifted up the box. But to our astonishment, there was no leprechaun! And there were no gold coins either! Somehow that tricky leprechaun evaded capture and made off with our gold coins.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

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