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Earth Day

Everyday is Earth Day

Here at Brian the Pekingese, we don’t just celebrate Earth Day once a year – we live it everyday. To begin with, all of our organic kids pajamas are made here in the USA. Pajamas that are made overseas are shipped by cargo ships which are powered by diesel fuel. By manufacturing locally, we’re reducing the use of these petroleum-based fuels and the greenhouse-gas pollution they cause.

Another way we honor our environment is by making all of our pajamas from 100% organic cotton. Cotton accounts for only 2.5% of the world’s total cultivated crops, but it uses 16% of the world’s pesticides. By using organic cotton in our pajamas, we are reducing the demand for pesticide use.

But we weren’t satisfied with just being green at the beginning of our products, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint at the end of our products life cycle as well. That’s why we started Brian the Pekingese Cares. When our little customers have outgrown their pajamas, and their parents can’t hand them down, they can hand them back – to us. We’ll take the pajamas back, postage paid, and make sure the cotton fabric gets reused or recycled.

organic kids pajamas

Taking care of Mother Earth by using 100% organic cotton in our kids pajamas

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