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Can’t Close the Closet Door?

American closets have been getting bigger. And the bigger the closet, the more stuff you can cram in. But there comes a time when you need to clean it out. Ideally that time should happen twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. So now that it’s time to clean out your kids closets, here’s a few tips.

First, take everything out. Then make 3 piles: keep, donate and repurpose. As you go through each item of your children’s clothing, verify that it fits before you decide what pile to put it in. Your biggest struggle here will be remembering when your child wore that special outfit for a certain occasion, and you’ll want to keep it as a memento.

When moving from the keep pile to the donate pile, the items should be clean, should not be ripped or have any holes, and should not be bleached or discolored. Then organize this pile by girls and boys.

That brings us to the repurpose pile. Rather than throwing these items in the trash, consider cutting them into rags for cleaning. Also, many pet shelters will take used sheets and blankets. And finally, if any Brian the Pekingese kids pajamas have ended up here, you can just send us an email and mention Brian the Pekingese Cares. We’ll send you a postage-paid pouch for you to return the pajamas to us. Then we’ll make sure the cotton material gets recycled or reused.

Boys and girls pajamas in closet

Closet overflowing with kids clothes

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