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Back to School Made Easy

Well summer whizzed right by, and now it’s time for back to school. That means high-fives for parents, but maybe some anxiety for the little ones. Here are a few tips to help with this transition.

For most parents, getting school supplies is probably the least-liked back to school activity. But it has become easier lately. Consider a pre-packaged school supplies kit from companies like ClassBundl (classbundl.com) or Edukit (www.edukitinc.com). These companies get the supplies list from the teachers in advance and make up a complete kit containing everything that teacher is requesting. You simply go to their site, search for your school and teacher, and click to buy your kit. Target has a similar service called List Assist.

Next is your child’s new school clothes. You’ll be amazed at how much they’ve grown. Be sure to include a new pair of organic kids pajamas from Brian the Pekingese. With their extra softness, these pajamas will help your kids get a good night’s sleep as they cuddle their new best friend, a Brian the Pekingese plush toy.

Both you and your children will need your strength when the big first day arrives. So start the day with a big hearty breakfast. Make sure the “backpack fairy” sneaks a special treat into their backpacks. You can also put a special note in their lunch box to let them know you’re thinking of them. When you drop them off, be sure to snap a photo of them in front of their school sign, and with their teachers.

Getting ready for bed with comfy organic pajamas and a soft plush toy

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