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Pajama Day

Pajama day is usually tucked into school spirit week, where each day of the week the kids dress up in a different theme. This is a fun, relaxed day for the kids and their parents – until they find they don’t have a pair of nice PJ’s or a pair that fits.

Imagine this. Your child comes home from school on Friday. You look through her Friday folder and find out it’s pajama day on Tuesday. You order a new pair of comfy Brian the Pekingese pajamas, and they arrive at your house on Monday. This actually happened to us. The mom was so worried that her child would not get her new pajamas on time. But we made sure the order was processed and shipped immediately. And we included the tracking number in her order confirmation email.

So check your child’s school calendar and make a note when it’s pajama day. Sometimes it’s in the fall, and sometimes it’s in the spring. Some schools have it twice a year. Then return to our site for lots of cute, cozy and quality boys and girls pajamas, all made in the USA. And if you need them in a hurry, just let us know and we’ll ship your order the same day. And for just a few dollars more, we can ship via express delivery, and you’ll get your new PJ’s the next day.


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