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Onesie Pants Are Here

Complete your baby’s ensemble with Brian the Pekingese onesie pants.

Is your baby starting to crawl or do the army scoot. Maybe she’s cruising – that is, using furniture to hold herself up while she takes a few steps. Well if so, she needs protection for her cute little legs. And we have the perfect solution – our Brian the Pekingese onesie pants.

We’re super excited that they are finally available. We’ve made these onesie pants in six colors so there’s a pair to match with each of our onesies. The image below shows the six colors of onesie pants and the onesie prints they match with.

Brian the Pekingese onesie pants are quality-made right here in the USA using 100% organic cotton. We prewash the fabric to make sure there is no shrinkage and to add extra softness. There are absolutely no flame retardant chemicals used.

These cute little pants have an elastic waistband and an expanded seat area to make diaper changes quick and easy. Your size choices include Newborn, 3M, 6M, 9M and 12 M. Shop for our onesie pants here: https://brianthepekingese.com/product-category/infants/

100% Organic Cotton Onesie Pants

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