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Organic kids pajamas with rockets

Brian the Pekingese Shoots for the Moon

Brian the Pekingese can be found in many retail stores ranging from New York to California and in numerous points in between. But now Brian the Pekingese is going to a new store in Florida. It’s not just any store; it’s the employee store at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The Buyers at NASA are inspired by the fact that our pajamas are proudly made in the USA and in addition made of 100% organic cotton. They loved the extra soft touch of the pajamas knowing their customers will love it too. The NASA buyers selected the rocket print pajamas. The NASA buyers bought the rocket in our summer time style of short sleeves and short pants and short sleeve onesies perfect the warm Florida weather. To complete the assortment the buyers at the employee store at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center have also chosen our Brian the Pekingese soft and cuddly plush toys along with  some copies of The Adventures of Brian the Pekingese – Sharing With Friends book to inspire the imaginations of its employees’ children.

Most all of Brian the Pekingese is thrilled about going to NASA. He always said that you should shoot for the moon. Now he has done just that.

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