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Kids Pajamas Made With Care For the Environment

Each year the average American dumps 70 pounds of textile waste into our landfills. In fact, about 5% of all landfill space is filled with some type of textile waste. But what can we do about it? That was our question when we created Brian the Pekingese.

We begin making our kids pajamas with cotton fabric. Traditional cotton cultivation accounts for 2.5% of the world’s land mass, but uses 16% of the world’s agricultural pesticides. Simply put, cotton agriculture is a toxic crop. So we switched to 100% certified-organic cotton. Using cotton fabric grown without any pesticides is a small but important step we took to care for our plant.

Next, we created Brian the Pekingese cares. What this means is when your child outgrows his or her pajamas you can return them back to us, postage-paid, so you don’t have to put them in the trash. When we get the used pajamas back, we’ll send them to other like-minded businesses that we’ve partnered with who will recycle or reuse the cotton fabric.

These companies recycle the cotton fabric by first pulling apart the yarns into fiber. Then they spin these fibers into new yarns. These new yarns are then knitted into new cotton fabric. Some companies reuse the cotton fabric by making it into rags and cloths for industrial applications. They can also reduce the cotton down to its fibrous state, and make filling for seating and insulation.

One pioneering firm in Sweden created a process that boils the fibers down to a pulp, similar to the way wood pulp is made for manufacturing paper. This fiber pulp is then made into a new high-strength and highly absorbent yarn that has applications in medical gowns, diapers and sponge cloths.

Finally, unlike other brands that are made cheaply overseas and that fall apart after a few washings, we make high-quality products that last longer. You can hand down our pajamas to a younger sibling, niece or nephew.

Looking to the Future

Using organic cotton, recycling your used pajamas and making our high-quality kids pajamas here in the USA are all ways that we strive to care for our environment. But we’re not stopping there. As we look to the future we’re continuously searching for ways to care for our planet.

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