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Dining Out With Fidgety Kids

Why are my children so fidgety? Why can’t they just sit sill? You’ve probably asked these questions many times – and particularly while dining out. First of all, you’re not alone. All children are fidgety. But why? It’s because children’s bodies need movement. And they’re not getting enough.

Children’s bodies need movement because they are growing, learning and developing into adults. A generation ago, kids had more recess time at school, and then played outside for long periods of time when they got home. Now, recess times are shorter, and many kids aren’t allowed to play outside after school because today’s overachieving parents overbook their kids with activities. The result? Bottled up energy that needs to be expended.

So the next time you’re planning a nice evening out with your family, and you’d like your kids to sit through at least half of the dinner, here’s what you do: take your kids on a short jog around the block (weather permitting) just before you go. Run long enough until they start to complain about being tired. Then go out and enjoy a nice relaxing dinner. You’ll be amazed how quiet your children will be – and you won’t have to goad them into eating all of their meal.

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