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Why Are Some Pajamas Snug-Fitting?

Have you ever wondered why some pajamas are loose-fitting like night gowns and others are snug-fitting two-piece sets? Federal laws require manufacturers of children’s pajamas to meet one of two standards. The pajamas must be made of flame resistant material, or they must be snug fitting.

To meet the first standard, manufacturers have to use flame-resistant materials. These fabrics are treated with special chemicals to make them flame resistant. Then the manufacturer can design loose fitting gowns and pajamas.

To meet the other standard, snug-fitting, manufacturers have to design the garment so the sleeves and legs taper from the top to bottom. If it’s a two-piece set, the top must have taper from the chest to the bottom. If they do this, they do not have to use flame-resistant materials.

Our pajamas meet the snug-fitting standard. We feel it’s important to reduce the amount of chemicals that come into contact with our bodies every day. Our pajamas are made from 100% prewashed cotton, so they have a super-soft feel. We use a special weave of material that allows for lots of stretching. So, although our pajamas are snug-fitting, they are soft and comfortable.

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