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100% Prewashed Cotton Children’s Pajamas

Crawling on their hands and knees pretending to be puppies. Sliding down the stairs on their rear ends. And spilling milk and cookies on them. Let’s face it – kids are hard on their pajamas. That’s why we make ours kid-proof.

We start with 100% prewashed cotton to ensure that our pajamas will not shrink. They have a super soft feel to them, and 100% cotton breathes better than synthetic materials. We use a strong grade of cotton material for durability. Then our pajamas are made with quality craftsmanship and inspected for quality before being shipped out. In fact, our pajamas have been thoroughly kid-tested and washed and dried without any noticeable wear and tear.

Sure, you could buy a pair of pajamas for less. But if they rip after being worn a few times or unravel after a few washings, you’ll be buying another pair soon.

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