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Kids’ Dinner Parties

With the holidays approaching, many of us will be hosting dinner parties. But why should the adults get to have all the fun? Kids can plan and host their own kids’ dinner parties too, while learning about manners and etiquette along the way.

To begin with, sit down with your little host or hostess and explore different ideas for the theme of the party. Some examples are a Mexican fiesta, Hawaiian luau, or a winter holiday theme. Next, you’ll want to jot down the guest list. Although it’s your child’s party, you will be doing most of the work, so choose the number of guests wisely. Also you will want to pick a date and time.

Now that you have a theme and a guest list, you’ll need invitations. A simple solution is to buy some blank card and envelope sets and let your host-in-training decorate the outside of the cards with art supplies, while writing the invitation on the inside. While the art supplies are still out, continue the theme from the invitations to the decorations.

Since this is your little one’s first dinner party, the menu does not have to be complicated. Choose something simple and easy-to-make. You’ll want your child to help you in the kitchen so she feels like she’s a part of it. She can also help set the table and create the centerpiece.

When the day of the shindig arrives, let your apprentice host handle as much as possible. Help out when he asks, but otherwise stay in the background. He and his guests will have fun and learn about social graces at the same time.

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