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Gardening With Kids

It’s springtime. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. It’s time for family gardening. A time when your kids can get their hands dirty while learning about nature and simultaneously getting sprayed with the garden hose. What could be more fun?

Plan your garden by picking a spot that has the best sun exposure for your climate. Then calculate how much space you have. Gardening doesn’t require a large backyard. If you have a small space, you can still make a vertical garden or a container garden. A vertical garden is simply a system of containers attached to a wall. Hardware systems for vertical gardens are readily available and easy to install.

Next, make a trip to your local nursery. There you will find information about which plants grow well in your climate and how much space they require. Choose a combination of some potted plants and some seeds. The potted plants give instant greenery to the space. With the seeded plants, let your young scientists observe and record germination times and growth rates.

Decorating the garden is also a fun activity. You can buy unfinished wooden birdhouses from your local craft store and paint them. For colorful garden containers, try painting some ordinary household containers such as coffee cans. Rocks and sticks can also be painted and used as decorative items.

Gardening can be a nurturing experience and a learning experience, but most of all, a fun experience. So get out there and let the good times grow.

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