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Happy Campers

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to spend a summer weekend evening with your little ones? Then look no further than your own backyard. If your children have never been camping, a backyard campout is a great way to introduce camping to them without having to load the car and drive to the mountains. And you have the advantage of bathrooms and the refrigerator nearby.

If your family has never been camping at all, you may not have any equipment. The wonderful thing about backyard camping is that you don’t need much. If you don’t have a tent, and don’t want to make the investment in one right now, you can rent or borrow one. A sleeping bag is a must-have, but an indoor sleepover bag will do.

Do a little homework before your campout so you will be ready with some stories to tell and games to play inside the tent. One small but fun investment is an inexpensive LED camping lantern. You can hang it from the top of the tent to give it a fun camping glow. When it’s time to turn the lights out, you may wake up the next morning feeling not very rested, but you’ll have a new lasting memory.

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