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Grocery Shopping With Kids

To your child, a trip to the grocery store is boring. The key to making it interesting is to get him involved. First, begin with a detailed list. Then choose a store that offers little child-size shopping carts. Take a full-size cart for yourself, and let your child select a kid-size cart. It will work best if he is at least 4, because he will be coordinated enough to push his cart and keep up with you.

The produce section works best for the little shopper. As you read your list, let your child pick and bag the items and place them in his cart. Let him make a check mark on each item of the list. As you navigate the rest of the store, allow him to pick those items that he can reach. When his cart gets full, transfer some of the items to your cart.

At the checkout, let your child remove the items from his cart and place them on the conveyor. And when you get home, you can let him help carry in the groceries and put some of them away.

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