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Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister

She’s cuddly. She’s sweet. She’s a constant source of joy in your life. She’s your first-born, and she’s the center of your universe. But, she’s the center of her own universe, too. Without any siblings, she doesn’t have to compete for attention from you, grandma or anyone. Imagine a world with no competition. That’s her world. And it’s all about to change, now that you’re expecting another baby.

To avoid temper tantrums, acting up and other drama, it’s important to involve your first-born with the process as much as possible. Read books to her about becoming a big sister. Let her help decorate the nursery. If you have an ultrasound, you may want to bring her with you so she can see the image of baby in mommy’s tummy. Let her pick out a gift to bring to the new baby when it arrives at the hospital.

The transition back to a normal life at home will be easier if you let the big sister be a part of taking care of baby. At bath time, she can bring mommy the towel and wash cloth. If you’re bottle feeding, she can hold the bottle while you hold baby. Let her help in any way that she is capable of, and she will form a bond with baby. You will still need to spend regular moments alone with her so you can give her your undivided attention.

With a little involvement and preparation, and regular time alone with just you and her, your first-born should adjust easily to becoming a big sister. And as baby grows, the more they will interact and play, making it easier for you.

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