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Are We There Yet? Traveling With Kids

Whether it’s on a plane, train or automobile, traveling with kids can be daunting. From all of our travels, we’ve found a few tips and tricks that make the journey smoother.

If you’re planning a trip by car, recognize that it will take longer than traveling without kids and plan to stop and stretch your legs more often. If your children are still in the napping stage, plan a good portion of the trip around their nap schedule.

When they awaken, they will surely be bored, so snacks, puzzles, coloring books and sing-along CDs will help occupy them. During the last segment of the journey, when they get really restless, one parent can put on a puppet show from the front seat while the other parent drives.

If the trip is by train, plan on a daytime trip and get seats next to the window. When the view of the scenery gets old, whip out the snacks, puzzles, games and coloring books. And when that fails, a walk up and down the aisle can help relieve fidgeting.

Traveling by plane is easily the most challenging. Lugging the car seats and stroller along with your regular luggage requires extra help. When you check your bags at the terminal, make arrangements with the airline to “gate check” your stroller and car seats. Then put the kids in their strollers and push them along with carrying your bags and car seats (easier said than done) to the gate. Just before you board the plane, an airline employee will take your strollers and car seats. When you reach your destination, your stroller and car seats will be waiting for you on the Jetway as you exit the plane.

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